Soar Baby Soar


“Hurt people hurt, sad people make other people sad” is a quote by Lisa Nichols.  Lisa is one of my mentors that pulled me up from the ashes when I was so torn up and down in the trenches thinking no one cared.  She told me every night through her guided meditation, Discovering Your Worthiness, that I am worthy.  I listened to her say that with tears in my eyes until it sank in.  I am worthy, I am enough.  No longer will I play small and lower myself to make others feel better about themselves.  She taught me all of that even though I have never seen her in person, held her hand or spoken to her – her words resounded in my ears every night.  I had never had anyone tell me these things before.  Who is helping you up when you are down and out?  We all have a story.  We are here for the contrast, the lessons and some of us are hit harder than others…fall down faster…stay down longer…crawl because we’re not strong enough to walk yet.  Who are you surrounding yourself with or letting talk into your ear that is lifting you up instead of tearing you down?  Are you willing to find people who have what you want – not material things but the inside wealth – somebody who you can ask questions and will take time to listen and show you that you are important, that you matter?  Even if it’s somebody that you don’t know, somebody you don’t see physically or hold their hand in person because distance means nothing when it comes to our spiritual selves.  We are all connected, all part of the great Oneness. 

Take a minute and listen to your soul right now.  Are you watching other people live their lives…live their dreams and maybe you are even living vicariously through them like you are watching a TV show?  What’s the difference in you and those you wish you could be more like?  They took a leap.  You may be standing there, maybe precariously close to the edge and shaking because it is so scary to let go.  To get to the next level, you have to let go even if it looks like you will fall down when you take that leap – even if it looks like you will sink instead of soar.  What are you holding on to as an excuse to not play full out?  In other words, what is weighing you down and not allowing you to soar?

I’ll close this with another quote from Lisa Nichols: “If you go where you’ve never gone, do what you’ve never done and say what you’ve never said, you’ll become the woman or the man you’ve always known yourself to be.”  Namaste

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