How High Is Your Airplane

f7c3191833c1b58d593921cc485373b7You are strapped in your seat, overhead lights are off and you hear the thrust of the engine as the plane careens down the runway.  Maybe you have a slight rise in your heartrate if this is unfamiliar to you or maybe you like the feel of all that power and the sudden elevation from the solidity of the ground.  It takes a lot of power to pull that plane up and it creates a lot of noise.  However, once up in the air, the thrust is cut back and you start to relax and enjoy the ride.  Subconsciously you may be going through a checklist including wondering where the parachute is if you would happen to need one, right?  Some people jump out of perfectly good airplanes on purpose – with a parachute of course, silly!  So how does that work?  You have to wait for the plane to reach a certain altitude – standard is 12,000 feet – before you jump or else you won’t have time for your parachute to open.

Those of us who are on a spiritual journey, learning and soaking up as much as we can, getting to know ourselves and our spiritual leaders including our spirit guides and angels are like the passengers in an airplane.  Some of you reading this may be in the pilot seat, figuring out the controls while others are just content to be on the plane.  Maybe you have reached the point where you feel you are ready to strap on your parachute, ready for the adventure, the thrill of letting go and seeing where you land.  Is your plane high enough?  Have you reached a good altitude so that you have room for your parachute to open?  Maybe you prefer to tandem jump and hold onto another person along the way.  Or perhaps you just want to cruise in your airplane for a while – nothing wrong with that!

As we look at our journeys, it is always a good idea to know where we are – what altitude are you flying at?  Do you need to climb higher and if so what is the fuel you are using to get you there?  On an airplane you can raise the shade and watch as clouds float by or look down at the land below.  What are you observing along your journey, if anything?  Some people choose to keep the shade down so they don’t see what’s happening on the outside and that is a choice.  I have had many people tell me that they do not read anyone else’s writings or listen to other people’s speeches or workshops – again, their choice.  As for me, I want to soak it all in and watch the formation of the clouds around me seeing both the diversity and the similarities in the forms.  Enjoy your journey! Namaste

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