Peaceful Circles

decoration_circles_png_by_aeriseditions13-d661rh4I sit here staring at the blank page with the cursor blinking and it is almost mesmerizing, calling out to me to create, to think, to share some bit of inspiration even if I am the only recipient of it.  Most days I just let the thoughts free flow and go wherever it takes me, which is what I am doing today.  It is like when a message comes through from spirit to give to someone.  If I just start talking, saying words, then my higher self kicks in, honing in and delivering the message clearly whereas my human brain would sometimes go off on a tangent.  That’s what channeling is, the process of letting the message come through as the human brain relaxes its hold on the thought.

Today, my higher self is focusing on portals – those openings in our world where we can enter another dimension and experience things we cannot do here on the earth plane.  In the higher dimensions there are no restrictions such as weight or time.  As we free float there we not only experience but we create during that experience.  I have noticed that any time I go to a higher dimension I bring back something new and exciting.  On this day, the day of the full moon, I was shown circles similar to what the full moon looks like but multitudes of them.  They also were free floating, swirling around, over, across, through each other.  It was quite beautiful to watch and I wondered what the purpose was of seeing this amazing sight.  As I continued to watch the circles and really focused in on what was happening, they each seemed to have a pattern to their movement.  No two were alike, which reminded me of snowflakes being unique in this same way.  Interesting, I thought.  As humans, we like to compartmentalize and look at how things are similar yet what I am being shown is that in the higher dimensions, the similarities end with the shape of what I am looking at.  Just as we physically see other humans as being similar to ourselves in the fact that we all have a physical body with the same features and roles for everything on the body, i.e. extremities, eyes, mouth, etc., that is where the similarity ends.  We each have a purpose, a role here.  We each move in and out, around and through other objects and people – we have a pattern.  So why then do we place expectations that everyone else be just like us, think like us, talk and act like us?  If someone disagrees with our viewpoint, a debate ensues.  If someone does something “out of the norm” they are looked at as strange, bizarre, acting out.  Just as the circles in the higher dimension hold no judgment of the other circles as they move about in their uniqueness, they also realize that they are all part of the oneness – that is what peace is all about.  No fighting, arguing that you did it differently, condemning or criticizing.  It is up to each of us to be accepting of others, just like the circles.  “Let there be peace on earth – and let it begin with me.”  Namaste

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