I Love You — No If’s

pcockSociety teaches us conditional love; i.e., “I love you if you are the way I want you to be.”  Miguel Angel Ruiz makes this statement and gives us food for thought.  Are you feeling this way in your life?  Do you have people who put certain conditions on your “love” and if so are you willing to give in to those conditions?  I will love you if …. just goes against the very word itself.  Many of us have been manipulated and even abused by the promise of “I’ll love you if…”  I was in a very physically abusive relationship at one time in my life and was so caught up in the cycle of abuse where one day I was being strangled and the next day he was buying me jewelry and telling me how much he loved me.  What???  The word love obviously is very misunderstood and has different meanings to different people.

When we think about unconditional love it puts things into perspective.  I never knew that it was possible until I started trying to figure out how my life had become such a train wreck.  Once I started doing the inner work and looking at my journey, I saw more clearly where I had been and how I had arrived at the place I was at.  Then, I began to forgive and repair my relationship with me.  I was able to offer myself unconditional love which had been the problem all along.  I had never realized that I was enough … that I was strong … that I was amazing just the way I am.  I had put so many conditions on myself which was what I thought I needed to do in order to be loved and that was what I transmitted out to others.  I now realize that I am the most important person in my life and I have to show myself the kind of respect and love that I want to receive back from other people.  Otherwise, I will keep encountering those who place conditions on the “love” they give me.

I say all of this and share it with you because I want you to understand it fully.  Yes, I used “I” referring to myself because that is the only person I can speak for.  I am not responsible for anyone other than myself.  However, I do care about all of you and if my journey and my insights along the way can contribute to helping you look at your own path and where you are, then that is icing on the cake.  I would love for everyone to feel the level of unconditional love inside just as I do.  It is your choice to do so.  I can only say that once you reach the realization of what real love is, not the conditional faux love but the true essence of just allowing and accepting everyone as they are—including yourself – then and only then will you find peace within.  I love you!  Namaste

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