Finding Your Happy Place

46952794-peaceful-imagesI knew when I put that one last item on the shelf that I was pushing my luck.  I stood there looking at the chaos around me inside my closet and thought, well you have two options here – you can laugh or you can scream and cry.  I didn’t like those choices, so I did what my friend Karen has taught me to do – STOP – Spirit Take Over Please.  I walked away leaving everything as it was and immediately put on my soul-soothing chant of Om.  I closed my eyes and chanted along to the beautiful voice of Gurumaa.  I took deep breaths and felt my heartbeat normalize.  I cleared my mind of low vibration thoughts.  In 12 minutes I went from “oh no you did not just do that” to “peaceful easy feeling.”

What was my lesson from the disorganized closet and my half-hearted attempt to declutter it?  It’s the same as anything I do in life.  If I find myself too overwhelmed, too many irons in the fire and then I add one more thing on top of the pile and wham – I am left with chaos, asking myself if I think I am superwoman or something!  It is always good to just stop when you start hearing that little voice that says “too much” “step away – danger” “regroup.”  The guidance is always there but it is up to us to pay attention and do whatever it is that brings us back into focus.  In my case it is always Om, which is a sacred sound.  Find your Om, your touchstone, whatever it is that brings you back to center.  The more you use it, the faster you will regroup and go to your happy place.  I happen to love and cherish my peace and happiness.  Life is too short to let even small incidents like toppled boxes interrupt my serenity.  Be happy.  Be at peace with yourself and then share your joy with one other person, even if they are not nearby.  I love you! Namaste

Link to the version of Om that I love:


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