Sometimes A Still Small Voice, Sometimes A Zap

a94761bc687f35a8693ed64b99a5c536With my first cup of morning coffee in hand, I glanced at the clock.  Hmm, I thought, I have time to check my emails before my shower … and that’s when the problem started.  I knew my constraints of linear time, knew when and where I was expected to be somewhere and how much time was necessary to get ready. Today I was willing to push the envelope.  The coffee was delicious and I sat down at my computer and pulled up my email.  I answered a few from clients and had I stopped there everything would have been fine but before I knew it, I was following the bread crumbs from one of those emails that spam didn’t filter out.  It was something I was familiar with so I clicked on it to see what they were all about.  My subconscious was saying “danger, danger … step away from the computer” but I was shushing that and continued to go down the slippery path, and was just at the point of clicking a button to sign up when BAM – my power went out!  I honestly looked up and said “really?” to the powers that be and thought I heard a chuckle.


You see, my guides and I have this mission right now and it does not include me spending any unnecessary money.  I have an opportunity to do the greatest thing I have done in this lifetime but it will require discipline and a lot of support so I have asked the angels and my spirit guides to help and to show me signs of how this seemingly impossible dream can become a reality.  This is something way beyond influencing people in my community where I live or even my network of online friends and followers.  This is a world-wide project that will touch millions.


The power outage was not just so I would get my butt up and get in the shower.  No, it was much more significant than that.  It was a wake-up call to say “are you in or out?”  You see, once we make a commitment and ask for help from our guides then it is no longer just a dream.  Things are set in motion to bring it to reality.  Our part is to stay on track and not go off on tangents no matter how intriguing the bread crumbs look.  Namaste

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