Little Flower

flower-171644_960_720There was a popular song in the 70s that said “signs, signs, everywhere signs…”  That’s how my life feels right now.  Every day if I just stop and quieten my mind or be a little more observant of what is taking place around me, there are signs everywhere from spirit.  Although I am aware of this taking place and am experiencing this communication daily now, receiving messages and confirmations, it still sometimes amazes me when it happens.  Such was the case tonight.  I was reading some words from Mother Teresa as I really relate to her and she has been such an influence in my life.  I did what I call “following the bread crumbs” or just letting one thing lead me somewhere else to find out more information about something and my curiosity wanted to know more about who influenced Mother Teresa.  The one person who was mentioned was Saint Therese de Lisieux, and since I did not know a lot about her, I set out to learn more.  The very first thing I saw as I clicked on her name to research her was the fact that she was known as “Little Flower.”  Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather!  In my book, Changes, I channeled the beginning chapter “Words of Wisdom” which tells the story of Little Flower who sought happiness, peace and joy.  I could feel her essence as the story was being created, each word channeled and precisely written out over the course of a few hours.  I had no idea about the connection with Saint Therese until tonight.  I now know in my heart that she was guiding my hand as it wrote those words.  In the last couple of weeks, more channeling has come through to add to the story and begin the next book of Changes.  Both Mother Teresa and Saint Therese lived their lives focused on being of service to others through love and charity.  Were they perfect?  No, not at all.  They both lived in human form and both endured suffering.  Both at some point in their lives questioned their faith, something critics always are quick to point out.

So what is faith anyway?  It is confidence and trust in something or someone.  As humans, we are constantly bombarded with not only external information but also our brains process thousands of thoughts per hour and there is no switch to turn it off like we can the external channels.  Is it no wonder then that in times of suffering our thoughts can go to places where our faith can be questioned?  The important thing to focus on is what happens after the questioning?  I certainly can relate to this, especially in difficult times that I have endured in my lifetime.  When we look at these two women in particular, did they influence lives and make a difference in the world?  I think we can all agree that they yes, they both did that.  Saint Therese lived her life with the principle of loving her neighbor as best she could with a kind word, a smile, an assist when possible.  That, my friends, is my kind of hero.  That is someone I can look up to and say that I want to be like that.  Namaste

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