Togetherness Naturally

sunandhandSay you, say me – that song has been playing in my head along with the message of “you are not alone.”  Here are some of the lyrics from that song:

As we go down life’s lonesome highway

Seems the hardest thing to do is to find a friend or two

That helping hand

Someone who understands

That when you feel you’ve lost your way

You’ve got someone there to say I’ll show you.

Even in those dark moments when you think no one cares, there is always somebody there because we are all connected as our spiritual selves.  Also, those who have passed on from their physical bodies are still connected to us.  Someone recently asked me “why can’t I feel her or see her?” speaking of her loved one in spirit.  Clear your mind of expectations of what you might hear, how you will hear it and any low vibration such as fear or anxiety that you won’t be able to hear.  Once you do that, sit quietly and ask to be connected to your loved one.  Ask for a message to come through.  Ask Archangel Gabriel to help deliver the message  with clarity.  Then be still and listen.  You do know that to be able to really hear anyone either here in the physical realm or in spirit, you must be quiet.  You can’t stop all of your thoughts but you can focus on your breath and that relaxes the mind to be able to receive.

So if you are feeling, as the song says, that you have “lost your way” and you are looking for guidance and don’t know anyone to reach out to, this is one way you can receive it.  Make that connection either with a loved one who has passed or with the angels and spirit guides using what I shared here with you of how to do that.  You can also go on some of the positive uplifting groups such as my Facebook group Angelspeakers and ask for support in there.  There are many lightworkers who would love to help.  You don’t have to go through life alone.  Take that helping hand!  I love you!  Namaste

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