Mountain Or Ant Hill?

imagesmountainBut God that is a really big, big I mean like huge dream you are showing me … and that’s when the lesson started.  First of all, never tell God (Goddess, your higher power, Great Spirit, whomever you envision as the Creator) that something seems too big.  I knew it the minute I said the words and I knew a lesson was coming my way from it.  Teri – yeah, that’s what he calls me – what are you comparing it to??  If it’s big, then there must be a small.  And if there is a big and a small, then there must be bigger and smaller than that and we could go on and on with that point.  Why are you looking at an ant hill and seeing a mountain?  To an ant, the hill would seem “big” but do you see ants stressing or even comparing their hill to a mountain?  It’s all in perspective.  How did those little bitty ants build that hill in the first place?  Did they know when they started how big it would become or did they just set about doing their task at hand and not worrying about “oh my gosh, I have so much work to do to build this hill”?  The lesson continued with, “Think about this also Teri – one ant did not build that hill alone.”  BAM!  Lesson learned and thank you God.

So we are building a mountain, one step at a time, one rock at a time and the momentum has already begun.  The date has not been set but the reality of it is sinking in with each passing moment.  Angelspeakers Live is going to happen in 2017 and at this moment in our linear time I do not have details but spirit has them and they are beginning to trickle into my brain.  It is a group effort and I am so grateful to all those who are choosing to not look at whether it is a hill or a mountain but the fact that it will change lives and bring about a transformation wherever it goes.  It’s exciting and only causes the butterflies in the stomach effect if we put our attention on the how.  Like one of our beautiful Angelspeakers, Karen Palmer, says “Let go of the how and get ready for the wow.”  Yeah, she will be a huge part of this event!  We ask you to focus with us on the details and ask the universe to help us hear the messages of the details clearly.  Thank you!  I love you!  Namaste

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