Thunder and Lightning

thunder-lightningThat was an amazing storm that came through last night, or I should say early this morning!  I actually was writing my blog post around 3 a.m. because I knew I had a commitment all day and the words were flowing.  I thought I heard rain, so as I looked out the window I saw the most beautiful sky which was totally lit up with lightning.  I had no clue it was lightning outside but it was … huge sparks of lightning to where it looked like it was daylight out.  This is the second time in the last couple of months that I have been led to look outside and see the sky lit up with lightning – but no thunder!!  “Who stole the thunder” is what I said!  I always thought that where there was lightning there was thunder unless it was heat lightning.  This was light-up-the-sky, big blasts of lightning.  And then the power went out.

I don’t remember exactly what the message was that I had started writing and it got zapped from my computer but I know I talked about the lightning.  It just reminded me that sometimes we don’t need to be loud and boisterous to get our point across.  Sometimes we can be even more effective without all that hullabaloo.  As I sat in the darkness and watched this most amazing dance that was happening up in the sky, it also reminded me that we can dance to our own tune.  The lightning didn’t need the thunder to twirl and twist around, to keep its perfect rhythm.  It’s the same for us.  No matter where we are in life, the music is inside of us – not on the outside.  Dance to your own tune, your own rhythm and don’t wait around for the music to catch up.  You are beautiful just as you are and your purpose can and will happen even if what is expected to show up, i.e. the thunder, is delayed or a no-show.  Keep shining! I love you…Namaste

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