Inside Out

laugh-1988562_1280I did not get up laughing this morning.  I did get up still shaking my head over some bizarre dreams I had but then my Happy song came on my alarm so I smiled, gave gratitude that I was alive and the dreams faded to the background.  However, for some reason my spirit guides and angels wanted me to laugh.  I did my normal stuff like feed the cats before they ate my leg, made coffee, said my affirmations and brushed my teeth.  After my shower I went to get dressed and that’s when the fun started.  I chose an old tee shirt to wear because it’s comfortable and soft.  I put it on and walked out to get my coffee.  On the way to my desk, I noticed it was inside out – the shirt, not the coffee.  Okay, I chuckled, so I guess this means my inside wants to be on the outside today.  I’ll accept that and I quickly turned it the right way.  As I go back into the bathroom I notice the shirt doesn’t feel right.  I look in the bathroom mirror – the one that tells me how amazing, loved and awesome I am – and I see that the shirt is now on backwards.  I stood there looking at myself in the mirror and laughed until there were tears, you know that kind of laughter.  I told myself how imperfectly perfect I was.  I also acknowledged how this human stuff is just so ridiculous sometimes.  In spirit there is no inside out or backwards.  We don’t have to know what the front or back is or where it goes.  Everything just flows as energy and aligns perfectly.

I needed the laughter.  I needed the lesson and the blessing.  For so many years I lived a life where the little things like having my shirt on inside out and having to re-do putting it on would have been such a nuisance that it would have elicited some not so pleasant words and would have been looked at as just another failure.  My ability to laugh at myself now over the small stuff is evidence to me that the change that has happened inside of me is permanent and wonderful.  I am so grateful for the knowledge that no matter what the situation is, it’s all small stuff and I can go with the flow of happiness and joy in whatever comes my way.  I wish for you all a blessed day filled with happiness that overflows like my tears of joy from my belly laugh.  I love you!  Namaste

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