A Tree Is A Tree – Or Is It?

treeisatreeMy eyes followed every movement as the baby albatross ran, took a leap of faith, flapped his wings and then fell back to the ground.  It was such a struggle at first and, as I watched him, I realized that sometimes something that should be so natural, so easy is not as expected.  Any of the winged creatures must adapt to what they are or are not able to do with these attachments to their bodies.  Innately, they know that they are meant to fly and not stay on the ground or in the nest.  They somehow know that if they cannot move their bodies, then they are left in a more vulnerable state for predators.  It is that survival instinct that drives them to figure out how to use their wings to move around.  The baby albatross has the most challenge of all baby birds, with a wingspan that grows to over 11 feet!  The ones I watched were in Hawaii and I was able to observe them via webcam.  Their daily antics were so amusing and their personalities astounding.  Every day I watched them grow stronger, run a little faster, flap a little harder and seem to strut with pride at their accomplishments.  An albatross can live to be 60 years old and they are one of the few birds that mate for life.  The more I learn about them, the more interesting they become.

This made me wonder in a fun kind of way if it is ever the reverse.  Do birds and other animals look at us humans, observing our rituals and movements?  Do our domesticated pets watch a baby learning to use its legs like I watched the albatross trying to adapt to its wings and think, nope not going to make it today – maybe tomorrow though.  Do the birds on the beach watch us as we sunbathe and wonder why we would put our bodies through that – wonder what the purpose is?

Observation and curiosity are our means to figuring out all our individual nuances, whether human, animal or otherworldly.  Where has your curiosity taken you lately?  How are you expanding your mind?  Do you just accept what you are told about how things are?  Just because somebody tells you a tree is a tree, does that make it a tree?  Does the object called a tree look the same to you as it does to another or do you see something entirely different?  It’s all perspective.  Whether you are the albatross learning to use its wings or the baby learning to crawl and walk, the process is the same.  It is what you do with that knowledge then that matters.  Just because the bird can fly doesn’t mean it will fly and the same is true of the baby learning to walk.  We all have choices.  We were given brains but it does not mean we will use them.  What are you choosing to do with yours?  Are you thinking for yourself and making your own decisions or letting others influence you or even tell you what to do or believe?  Observe, be curious and then decide if you will fly, walk or just sit still but whichever you do, do it with love.  “He prayeth well, who loveth well – both man and bird and beast.”  I love you.  Namaste

4 thoughts on “A Tree Is A Tree – Or Is It?

  1. I can tell you for a fact that my dogs study me all the time 🙂 I can see in the furrowed wrinkles of their frowns as they watch, and almost hear them say to one another, “What the heck is she doing now?” Lol.
    This reminds me of a the exercises in A Course in Miracles, the very first one of which guides you to look at something with no value judgments, no prior identification that “this is that thing I’ve always known.” It really is enlightening.
    “We were given brains but it does not mean we will use them.” Ahh!
    Thank you for this.


    • Thank you Susan for your words. My cats follow me everywhere because they never know what to expect from me – my dancing makes them cover their eyes, LOL. I appreciate you sharing and love your feedback! Have an amazing day!


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