I Choose Peace

fractal-chaosI love you … pass it on!  Every day when I first get up I am grateful to have another day to make a difference in the world.  I look in the mirror and say “I love you” – because I do – and because I have to fill my own cup full of love to be able to give it out to others.  What does it mean when I tell myself “I love you?”  It is acknowledging that I am important, that I matter, that I am worthy – that no matter what I’ve been through or what I may have done I am still worthy of love.  It is seeing myself through the eyes of spirit, which is pure unconditional love.  There is no judgement when I look at myself in this way.  I no longer see the flaws such as the hair that refuses to participate in my game plan of perfect style, the crooked smile, the wrinkles from a lifetime of living life.  When I look into my eyes in the mirror and say I love you, I only see that spirit in me that wants the best for myself and for the world.  I see someone who cares deeply about other people being in pain in whatever form it is and wants to take the pain away.  I see someone who wants to live in a peaceful world instead of one where there is hatred and division.  I see someone who can smile at strangers and friends and feel the same amount of warmth for both.  These are the things that are brought out when we look through the eyes of love.


Now let’s talk about how that fits into our everyday life.  Standing in front of a mirror and showing love to yourself is one thing … it’s a safe place to do that, right?  What happens though when you go about your day and encounter some not so pleasant things?  What happens when those you thought were people who held this same regard for themselves and for humanity that you do – that everyone is deserving of love and light – seem to forget or disregard who they are and start spewing out bitterness and hatred and division?  We are only responsible for ourselves and our own actions, thoughts and words.  This is what we all have to remember and focus on.  There are going to be those who are following their path and learning their lessons.  The one thing we can do to keep our peace and to hold on to our serenity and love is to remember this and not take it personally whenever we encounter this.  It seems to be happening more or at least we are more aware of it now with the prevalence of social media.  What message are you sending out daily?  Is it an uplifting message of love and light or are you sending out the message of hatred and division?  If someone who didn’t know you personally comes across a message from you, this could be their first impression of who you are and what you are all about.  Are you someone who wants world peace or are you keeping the division and hatred going?  It is a choice only you can make.  I choose peace.  I love you.  Namaste

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