New Beginnings – I Still Choose Peace

new-moonThere are those who don’t want world peace, Teri.  That realization hit home today.  There are actually people who are scared of losing their perceived place as being superior to others and they think that world peace will somehow knock them down a notch to where we are all on equal footing.  After all, wars are fought over land, over principles, and over beliefs.  What would it look like in your mind to have world peace?  Does it elicit a feeling of fear or is it something that you would rejoice in?  In my mind, it would be a world where we stopped looking at each other as separate and different.  We are all the same.  We came here on equal footing, after all.  Not one of us was born with more clothes on or with more gold in our hands.  We all started out with the knowledge that we were spirit and we came from a place where there was only love.  Everything in me says we can get back to that feeling, back to that mode of accepting each other as equal.  It doesn’t matter if you are a king or queen, you are no different or better than I am as a person.

The new moon today signifies new beginnings.  It is also the Chinese New Year.  On this day, I renew my intention to make strides toward world peace every day.  It takes more than praying and hoping.  It takes finding a village of people who will work together weaving the fabric of all of us who are willing beings of love and light.  There are those who will sacrifice a few hours of their time to help with the cause and there are those who will dedicate their lives to it.  There are some who even gave their lives such as Martin Luther King.  There are musicians who choose to sing only songs of peace and unity.  There is so much each of us can do in our daily lives.  World peace will happen when we have inner peace inside each of us.  Peace and hatred cannot cohabitate, however.  We each must decide how we want our world to look – full of hatred, fear and anger or full of love, joy and peace.  I choose peace.  I love you.  Namaste

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