Dark Nights and Peaceful Angels

213bd9a1d2dc2003b7287e7c94114020It is always darkest before the dawn but let me tell you, the middle of the night can be pretty dark as well if we let it.  I lay there tossing and turning in the wee hours focusing on my breath, listening to the sound of a faraway train horn, counting my blessings but somehow an incident came to mind which then drove the thoughts to another and then another until I sat upright in bed and said STOP.  Enough already.  When I am fully awake and conscious, I can handle this throughout the day.  I filter out negative messages I see or arguments I overhear.  I calm my cats down when they decide it is time to fight with each other.  This I have control over.  In these instances, I can choose peace and serenity and love.  In the midnight hour when we lie there and our brain has not quite stopped putting puzzle pieces together, then it’s a little harder – but not impossible.  How do you handle those moments?  I can tell you what I did but I know we each have our own ways of dealing with this.  Mine was to physically get up and walk around, shaking off the low vibration and asking for help from my angels.  As soon as I did that and laid back down, I was out like a light, sleeping peacefully.

My friend Karen Palmer teaches us that when we start having “stinking thinking” we can just say STOP – Spirit Take Over Please to bring us back to center.  That is how I choose to handle moments where my ego is screaming at me.  We have help available, so why not use it?  We never have to face anything alone but sometimes we tend to forget that.  Another friend, Lisa Jo Davis, teaches us that even if you don’t know the name of a particular angel but you need them to come to you and assist you, all you have to do is ask.  Just say, “would the angel in charge of peaceful rest please come help me sleep?”  That angel is Azrael just so you know.

I found this in a New Zealand prayer book and thought I would share:

Lord it is night. The night is for stillness. Let us be still in the presence of God. It is night after a long day. What has been done has been done; what has not been done has not been done. Let it be. The night is dark. Let our fears of the darkness of the world and of our own lives rest in you. The night is quiet. Let the quietness of your peace enfold us, all dear to us, and all who have no peace. The night heralds the dawn. Let us look expectantly to a new day, new joys, new possibilities. In your name we pray. Amen.

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