Sink or Swim

17852-sun-setting-over-the-ocean-pvWhen I am swimming I feel weightless as the water is supporting me without questioning why I am there.  It just accepts me and whatever I choose to do while I am in the water.  Even if I go underneath and sink my whole body in the water, the water does not judge, the water does not change, attack or do anything other than accept.  I am the one who has to adapt, to change what I do – realizing my limits and that I cannot breathe underwater but have to hold my breath.  If I forget and breathe in water, it’s not the water’s fault, right?  I’m the one who knew what to do or not do and I did the opposite anyway.  Now what I’m faced with is having to get rid of the water that is now in my lungs and come up for fresh air to fill my lungs.  It is also my choice to do so, knowing the consequences of not coming up for air.

This is how life goes.  We plug along, sometimes supported and sometimes sinking.  It is the moments when we sink that we really have to decide to take action – or not.  It is simply a matter of weighing the consequences.  How far down do I sink before I put up the white flag?  Am I swimming alone knowing the risks of doing so or do I have a support system that sees me struggling against the current and then dipping below the surface?  We all have to take our inventory of how we are doing with surviving this thing called the human existence.  How buoyant are you?  Are you feeling weightless as you go about your life or is there so much burden on you that you can’t stay afloat?  Life accepts us just as we are – just like the water we are swimming in.  It is not conspiring against us to pull us underneath or to make us miserable.  Just like swimming, we have to be aware of our limits and make our own choices.  Not many of us can swim across the ocean from land mass to the next land mass.  Why do we try to do this with life?  Why do we sometimes fight against ourselves and then blame it on life when we are the ones making our own decisions?  Know your limits, get a support system in place and if you feel yourself sinking, yell for help.  Always know which friend or friends have the life jackets and can throw it out to you.  I love you!  Namaste

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