Getting To Point C Via Point A

roadsI sat down 3 times yesterday to write a blog.  After the 3rd time I realized it was not going to happen.  It wasn’t writer’s block, because there were so many thoughts flowing.  It was more like I was dealing with a filing cabinet full of thoughts that just needed to be thrown up in the air and fall back down into a manner that would make sense to anyone who read them.  So there was no blog yesterday but rather a regrouping day for me.  You didn’t miss anything other than the fact that I had a wonderful day which I wanted to share with all of you.  You know by now that anything I set out to do somehow ends up in an adventure, right?  Life for me is never a straight line from point A to point B.  There are always detours and lessons to be learned and that is what I have come to cherish so much about life.

I have to share just one of my stories from yesterday as I found it so profound the way my wonderful angels intervene and the way spirit helps thing fall into place even when I make mistakes.  I grabbed my purse and quickly looked at the card where I had written an address to go, which is the main post office in the town I live in.  I was a little distracted so I put the address in my GPS and off I go.  As I get in my car, I say a little prayer and ask for protection as I am on the road and I do the sign for the Shield of Archangel Michael for ultimate protection.  Well, little did I know just how much they were moving and shaking things up to help me!  When I get to the post office, I stand in line behind one person and it is now time for my appointment.  The clerk calls the lady up to the counter and asks if she is Teri to which she replies no.  I speak up and say that I am Teri and I do have an appointment at that time.  The clerk is totally confused because the lady has the correct phone number for the appointment but a different name.  It is not my phone number but my name.  I let her go ahead of me.  She has an incomplete application, so has to step aside to finish hers and the clerk calls me up.  I turn in all my paperwork, everything is in order, I pay the fee and go on my way.  Before I leave the building, I stop to put away my receipt and pull out the card where my appointment was written.  Underneath the address of the post office I was at was another address with the time and date.  Suddenly, I remembered the conversation with the person I set the appointment with.  The post office I was standing in where I had just completed my application for my passport has a waiting list of at least a month to get an appointment.  I had made an appointment at another facility because it was an earlier appointment than I could get at the main post office!  I had gone to the wrong place but somehow everything worked out that the names were changed on the appointment sheet and there were 2 appointments for this lady in front of me, one in her name and the other in her husband’s name which was Terry.  It is something like this that makes me just stop and give thanks because it could have been so different.  I would have missed my appointment and would have to wait another few weeks to turn in my application if all the above had not happened as it did.  I thank God for providing for me.  I thank my guardian angels for turning me the right way when I get discombobulated.  I thank Archangel Michael for his protective energy and for holding me up always.  Today on this 2nd day of the 2nd month of this wonderful year, I am grateful for the life I live.  I love you.  Namaste

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