Unconditional Acceptance

dae3a014c3d3aae6fed42ef541adc3d7I’ve had the same hairdresser, Dorn, for years and she is amazing.  When I am sitting in her chair and she is working her magic on my noncompliant hair, I am being entertained by her as she has a wonderful sense of humor.  As I sat there in the chair and listened to her telling story after story with such animation and humor I totally was immersed in the energy of lightheartedness and joy which is something I have come to cherish dearly in my life.  Cutting my hair just became a part of the stories she was weaving as she moved about like in a dance routine from side to side.  I realized that I called her into my life.  I have choices.  I could go anywhere to have my hair cut but why there and why her?  I remember when I first met her.  I was getting a haircut by another hairdresser and I was the only customer in the place at the time.  Everyone was just sitting around kind of bored.  All of a sudden Dorn gets up and starts challenging the others to mimic each other’s walks.  It turned into the most hilarious “show” that I had a front-row seat to.  Everyone was in stitches laughing.  It was all in fun and everyone participated and she was the ringleader!  The next time I called for an appointment, I couldn’t get in right away to see the first lady who cut my hair but Dorn was available.  I didn’t know who she was until I arrived for my appointment.  Now I totally look forward to going there and sitting in that chair and being entertained in the way that she does so well!

We never know what impression we make on others by just being who we are and not worrying about what anyone else might think of us.  If I hadn’t been openminded at the time when I was being “entertained” by people innocently poking fun at each other, I would have missed out on years of what has become a very dear relationship with Dorn.  She accepts that I am who I am and what I am all about, which is spirituality although she “don’t believe in that.”  We have a mutual understanding and respect for each other in that regard.  We respect and love each other just the way we are, neither of us judging the other in any way.  I listen to her stories about her family and all her shenanigans and she listens to mine about psychic fairs and energy healing and the books I write; and it is perfectly divine just as it is because on a deeper level our higher selves are just sitting in a chair laughing at us as we entertain them!  I love you!  Namaste

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