How Do I Love Thee

3488226253_105abd6fceWith February being the month of love, I find it interesting that merchants and media are suddenly shifting their attention that direction after the bitterness, name-calling and energy of pessimism that we just lived through in America.  It almost feels bipolar – I’m angry and hate all of you but no wait, it’s the love month so now I love everyone.  What??  I’m getting dizzy just watching the spinning happen.  Emotions can create a strange phenomenon in our world, but for now the focus is on love and I am so grateful that it is.  Every day I consciously focus my intention to put more love out into the world.  What does it mean when I do this?  Love is the pure positive energy of spirit.  I start each day by looking at myself eyeball-to-eyeball in the mirror and say, “I love you.”  This is a necessary step because I cannot give to others what I do not have inside of me.  I fill my cup up completely full of love, drawing on energy from beyond this physical body.  My higher self takes over and I am able to overlook my imperfections and see right into the core of my being – into my own heart.  It is then and only then that I can look out in the world and make the statement “I love you” and truly feel it inside and share what is in me with all of you.  Beautiful Saint Therese of Lisieux said “Let us love, since that is what our hearts are made for.”  She guides me daily with love and compassion in my own life and her message is always clear.  Our wonderful ascended master Quan Yin gives us the message that “love heals.”  There is power in sending out loving compassion to others.  It benefits both the giver and the receiver.

Saint Therese also said, “Without love, deeds, even the most brilliant, count as nothing.”  Whatever you do in this month, this day, this NOW moment, connect with your cup of love inside your heart and pour some of that love into every action and every word.  Let us heal our world together with the powerful energy of love.  I love you! Namaste

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