Of Broken Angels and Falling Stars

16558345_10212563941397500_164182894_nI go to Boca Raton, Florida once a month and every time I do I visit a thrift store that keeps drawing me in there.  Every time I have gone, I have found something that was the reason for me being there.  Yesterday, as I walked toward the door I glanced through the window and an angel stopped me.  I stood there looking at her and made a mental note to look closer when I got inside.  I walked the aisles wondering what had drawn me in today – what treasure would become my very own.  I was dismayed as I got back to the front of the store empty-handed.  I was ready to admit that maybe I was wrong and I should just be on my way to the event I had come up here for when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  There was no one close by so I knew it was my guides getting my attention.  As I looked around, there she was, still sitting on the shelf by the window.  I walk over to pick her up and get to know her – this angel sitting on the shelf with a sticker on the bottom that said “Kate.”  She is beautiful.  She is playing a flute which I love.  It is the instrument my daughter used to play in school and it took me back to a time in her childhood when I sat and listened to her recital.  I held Kate in my hands gently and looked at her beauty and thanked her for the memory she brought to mind.  That was when I noticed that Kate was broken.  She only had one wing and when I turned her around I saw where the other wing had broken off completely.  I went to put her back on the shelf but felt a resistance and just could not do it.  I asked myself, who buys something that is broken on purpose?  That would be me!  How could I abandon her when she had just raised my vibration tremendously in one minute of her being in my presence?

Many people see someone with a handicap and only see the handicap, not the person or animal … or in my case the angel.  I choose to look at the positive these days and for me this was just another confirmation of how much my life has changed.  The old me would have put the angel back on the shelf because of the defect and would have missed out on so many blessings of looking at her playing the flute every day.  I have come to love and respect this new me, something I could not say a few short years ago when I was in a dark place in my life.

As I was driving home with Kate the angel in the seat beside me in the car, I took the long route instead of getting on the interstate.  My soul needed time to drive and think and look at my surroundings which is something I don’t do while driving at a much faster pace.  As I turned down my street I looked out the open car window and saw a brilliant flame of fire in the sky as a “falling star,” which we now know are meteors, descended.  I still choose to call them falling stars and I still make wishes on them just as I did as a child.  It was all perfectly divinely timed with me arriving home to see it, which would not have happened had I sped home.  It was confirmation of so many things that had happened that day and I smiled at Kate, brought her inside and found the perfect spot for her with my other angels.  I love you!  Namaste

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