Kitty Wisdom

GE DIGITAL CAMERAWisdom comes in many forms.  Sometimes it is the innocent soft-spoken word that is our lesson we need at the moment.  It does not always have to be the harshest struggle or a broken heart.  In those gentle moments, it is like a whisper that says to us “breathe, everything is okay.  It is divine.  Know that you are loved and cared for always.”  That is what happened to me tonight.  My soul needed refreshed, nurtured.  In the midst of a very hectic day, I forgot to do the most important thing.  I forgot to stop and breathe.  It wasn’t until I found myself unable to answer one more question that it finally hit me.  I was no longer giving because there was an empty cup where they should have been a flowing well.  I had given and given and felt like the polar bear on an iceberg in the middle of the Antarctic.  As I looked around, things looked precarious at best.  I could jump off the iceberg but that would probably not be a wise idea given that I’m not a strong swimmer and the water would be extremely cold.  So I opted for plan B – you know the one I should have done before getting on the iceberg!  Life can’t be lived with shoulda’s though and this I know very well.  I forged through one last question on one more email and then I did the smartest thing I had done all day.  I turned on some soothing music and shut off the computer monitor.  I dragged my tired body to a comfortable place and let the music soothe me.  As I sat there in that relaxed state, suddenly things started coming to mind that were left undone.  Since they were not life-and-death issues, my brain made a mental note to deal with them later and I could feel my body sigh with relief.  I sat there in silence for an hour.  I didn’t move.  I focused on my breath and the fact that I was just taking time for me and it felt really good.  Anytime my brain and ego tried to kick in to tell me something, I went right back to my breath and focused on only that.  After an hour, I was ready to start listening.  I had let all the tension go from my body and mind, so there was no barrier to hearing the wonderful words from my guides.  First I expressed appreciation and let them know how much that time had meant to me and how precious it was.  Then I asked what they wanted to teach me, show me, discuss with me.  It was a beautiful exchange and a productive one.  You see, when we are as drained as I was it limits us in all aspects, but especially in communication.

As I sat there letting my mind be open to whatever came my way, I felt movement and opened my eyes to see that I had company.  My sweet little Tazzie knew that now I was in a calm place and she crawled into my lap for some kitty love.  Her soft purr told me that everything was going to be okay, that it was divine and that I was so loved.  It was the best message I could possibly have received.  I love you!  Namaste

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