Cleaning the Inside Closet

simpleA well-nourished soul leads to a well-nourished life as it changes from the inside to the outside.  We all understand what nourishing the body is all about because we are taught that by our parents or caretakers.  What about nourishing the soul?  Who “teaches” us that or do we come into this life with an innate knowing that it is something we need?  We know we need to eat because our bodies give us signs, either hunger pains, feeling weak, or other physical symptoms.  What happens when the soul needs nourishment?  For me, it is a feeling of being uncomfortable or sometimes irritable.  Things seem out of place and not going as smoothly as normal.

I have done a lot of clearing out of old emotional baggage and let go of everything from the past that was causing me to have a low vibration.  Trust me, that was not easy.  There were things I felt I deserved to hold there.  I thought I needed to hold onto some of the anger but what I found out was that in letting it go, it freed me.  That space where anger resided now was filled with love and it felt so much better inside me than the anger ever did.  In cleaning out my “inside closet” of all that unneeded baggage, I found room for laughter and joy, excitement, adventure and peace.  Yes, they all moved in!  What a great time we have together every day!!

However, had I not felt that need for soul nourishment, for a deeper connection with who I really am as spirit I can see how I would still be living in that same merry-go-round of misery.  Nobody told me I needed to clean my inside house.  There was no one that said, “Teri I think you need to straighten up some of that junk that’s laying around all over the place.”  I was like an emotional hoarder!  I kept packing away anger, fear, depression, resentment, self-loathing.  Ooh, and there’s some hatred, come on in!  I was blaming the way I felt on anything and everything outside of me.  “They” made me feel this way or “he” did that so I am justified in how I feel toward him.  It kept piling up there in my inside closet.  Sometimes I just shut the door because I didn’t want to look at all that garbage so I would shut down for a while emotionally.  Then, one day I said “I don’t want to live like this any longer.  There has to be a better way of living, of feeling inside.”  Nobody outside of me told me what to do or what was needed.  Sure, friends and family were concerned about me but none of them told me how to change anything.  That came from inside me.  There was a little voice that kept whispering for me to listen and I finally did.  It is my belief that we all have that little voice in each of us.  It is called spirit as that is what we all are.  We just have the illusion that we are humans because that is what we chose to become in this lifetime.  Our real selves, our spirit, resides inside this human body.  Once we are quiet enough to hear what our spirit wants to tell us, then things change for us.  Of course, we can ignore it or smother it out with our ego talk because we do have free will and unfortunately many people do this.  I am so grateful that I finally listened and ignored the ego talk long enough to get the message of love.

How is your inside closet?  There is not a maid you can hire to clean it out.  Nope, it has to be you that digs in with some soap and water and lots of garbage bags.  Evict those low vibrations and replace them with peace and love.  You will be happy you did.  Nourishing the soul is the best gift you can ever give yourself.  I love you!  Namaste

11 thoughts on “Cleaning the Inside Closet

  1. I like this post very much. I have worked quite a bit on this myself and I have found that, like cleaning a real closet, sometimes things get worse before they get better once you get started on it.


  2. Pity I can’t just hire a maid for this, Teri 🙂 But all joking aside, I love this. And I know exactly what you mean–when my spiritual closet needs cleaning out, I feel that sense of dis-ease. And yep, then that small quiet voice starts to nudge me. I do better when I listen to it the first time!

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    • If you do find one of those maids, please give her my number!! You know, it’s just like in the physical world, if we don’t make a pile we ignore in the closet it is so much easier to open the door and look inside! Much love to you!


  3. I’m with Susan, lol. Doing lots of cleaning, but it took some time piling up, and will take some time un-piling as well. So glad for you that you’ve reached this place of freedom from anger and all the pain and sadness that comes with it. You are a leader in self-love, for sure!

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  4. Emotional declutterers. Like Merry Maids for the psyche. I sense a theme here! Gratitude is key for me as well, helps me turn to the path I’ve chosen and away from the one that I habitually hang out in (y’know, the one that leads me to that crowded closet, over and over and over again).

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