Comet Moments

cometEverybody is blogging about and talking about the full moon and eclipse energy tonight – and then here I am watching and learning in awe about the comet that is streaking across our sky coming pretty close to our little planet Earth.  Maybe it’s because I see the full moon once a month so I know I can count on those to happen at regular intervals although I am always amazed by them.  But that little comet – wow! This green ball of energy moving across the sky seems out of place, like it is drawing us to it with its uniqueness.  We have many colors in the sky with the different planets but to watch this green ball move about and command our attention as it has just makes me wonder about so much in life as well as in the universe.  We all have things we can count on, things that we know will continue to be the same like the mortgage or rent payment at a certain time of the month, things like work schedules, trips to the grocery store, maybe a hobby that happens at the same time every week or month.  Maybe some of these things are pleasant and we look forward to them, as I do to the full moon, yet they don’t leave us with that awestruck feeling of when something unique and different happens in our lives.  Those “comet moments” that happen stand out because there is something different, something unique about them.  Our attention is riveted to them as if it is hard to look away.  These are the things that we look back on years later in life and still feel that same feeling of awe.  When is the last time you had a comet moment?  Do you have things on a list that you would like to do, see, experience that will bring you joy and perhaps one or more of these kind of moments?  What are you waiting for?  Go after your dreams.  Go streak across your universe in a different color, a different pattern.  Be uniquely you.  I love you! Namaste

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