What Are You All About?

Back of young pensive woman standing by the sea at sunsetHe came running up to the table where I had displayed my books and blurted out “I have 2 minutes left before I leave to go to the gym.  Tell me what you are all about.”  Wow!  I handed him an “I love you, pass it on” card and gave him my 2-minute spiel of what my life mission is – peace and happiness on earth.  He looked at my business card which states that I am a Happiness Coach and said, “Oh, you are like a coach for the mind?”  Well, yes, but more than that.  I believe that what I do in my coaching sessions deals with more than the mind.  I help those who are ready to look at their overall existence and see where they desire to make a change.  Marathon Man rushed away with a smile and rushed to the next table with the same question.

If you had to explain you and what you are all about without having time for a prepared canned response, could you share with someone in a way they would understand, especially if they were unfamiliar with some of the jargon we use like Happiness Coach and energy healer?  What would you say in a few words that is what you are “all about?”  The hashtags I use on social media sums it up pretty well for me –  #IChoosePeace, #PeaceBeginsWithMe, #Angelspeakers, #GratitudeIsLovitude and #GratitudeGirl.  I love you.  Namaste

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