Sail Away

sailboatimage“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.”  Elbert Hubbard wrote that over a hundred years ago among other really interesting musings including “the line between failure and success is so fine we scarcely know when we pass it.”  I woke up this morning with the remnants of a dream still going on and there was something about a ship coming in.  Many musicians have sung about things getting better when the ship comes in – all will be well and life will be grand, right?  In the meantime, we are standing on the shore thinking about how we have failed at so many things.  I actually added that as one of the things on my gratitude list today – all my failures, because I no longer look at them as failures.  They were lessons learned.  Many people wish for a do-over, a chance to go back and correct those things in life that they perceive as failures or mistakes.  They are what they are and they happened for a reason.  We can dwell on the fact that it was not something pleasant in our life or we can be grateful we survived it and choose to not repeat it.  If we continually fear we will make another mistake, have another failure then we will never pass that fine line of success because the fear will have consumed us.  Fear – some call it false evidence appearing real – is a low vibration state of mind.  It happens when doubt and insecurity creep into our mindset and ego jumps in to add all the scenarios that could go wrong.  Blinders are put on horses for a reason – to keep them focused.  Otherwise, they would see options and have to choose which way to go instead of the path ahead of them.  Too many options could lead to confusion and fear.

Look at your lessons learned from your past as blinders.  You don’t want to go down that rabbit hole again even if the ego is trying to pull you in that direction.  Staying focused allows you to see the fine line, even if you are standing on it and haven’t crossed it yet.  Your ship has been there the whole time, by the way.  What are you waiting for?  Go get it!  Smooth sailing my friends! I love you.  Namaste

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