Dream A Little Dream

dreamI’ve always been fascinated with dreams – you know, that phenomenon that happens when we close our eyes to “rest.”  Sometimes I think it is God’s way of entertaining me so I just enjoy the movie but other times I wake up shaken and full of questions.  Was it real?  Did that really happen on another dimension and I just experienced it there?  No one can really answer definitively what dreams are all about though many have tried to do so.  Many of us search for answers when we have a disturbing dream or even an interesting or pleasant dream.  We look up the analysis of what it could mean.  There are those who never remember their dreams after awakening.  From what I understand, we all dream as our brain doesn’t have an “off” switch so it just makes sense it would use that time to play and create.  It usually happens during the deepest stages of sleep according to scientists.  Even Freud voiced his opinion that dreams were a way for people to satisfy urges and desires.  There are so many philosophies and interpretations about why we dream and what it means but I will stick with my own thought that God is entertaining me and my guides and angels are showing me messages and helping me to remember them.

Do you remember your dreams?  If it is something you want to train your brain to do, you can set an intention before you go to sleep that you will remember when you wake up.  You can keep a journal and pen by your bed to write down what you remember upon awakening.  The more you do this, the more you will start to remember.  Our minds are so powerful and when we ask a question the mind immediately goes to work to look for a solution.

Some say we are dreaming our lives as a collective dream.  What are your thoughts on that?  If you want your mind to be blown, check out this article about collective dreaming: http://www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/may3/schlitz.htm.  I’m still processing what I am learning about it.  I would love your comments.  Happy dreaming! Namaste


11 thoughts on “Dream A Little Dream

  1. THAT was an Excellent post Teri Miller!! Although I don’t remember ANY dreams myself, I Fully support doing so — the sooner the better!༺ ღ ༻Hear that Universe!?? Namaste!! 

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  2. Love, love, love dream work! I journaled my dreams for decades. Quite enlightening, and I also ended up using many of them in one of my novels. Was quite pleased I’d kept them!

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  3. This advice is wonderful and we are all so powerful in dreamtime as well! Some people also have natural abilities and take easy to learning things like lucid dreaming and astral projection which takes the spiritual work to the next level and also gives you more control while you sleep. Dreams are an amazing tool – thank you Teri!


  4. Very helpful about remembering our dreams and setting intentions! Also I have read that it helps to keep your eyes closed for a moment when you first wake up and recall your dreams with the eyes still closed. works for me…Thank you for an informative post, teri miller!


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