Go With the Flow

chaos 1Where are you standing in the midst of the chaos?  We do have choices, you know.  We do not have a choice or control over external things such as those things called natural disasters, acts of God, meteorites, sun flares and Mercury retrogrades or even over other people’s actions or words.  The choice we do have is how we are standing firm against all of this.  The full moon is happening this week and the energy may seem a little wonky to you or maybe you are at a point where you welcome in the energy and see it as only energy, neither good or bad.  It does have a healing property to it as it recharges our chakras.  Some put out crystals and gemstones to be charged in its powerful glow.  The earth is naturally full of these crystals and stones and therefore is receiving a charge from the moon as well, so even standing barefoot on earth during this time will help recharge your own energy fields.

My shaman last night spoke of energy.  He said to look at it as neither positive nor negative, but just accept it as is.  It’s the same as looking at another person and not judging whether they are good or bad, ugly or beautiful, rich or poor – just looking at them and seeing the inside spirit.  When we see things without judgment, including ourselves, we have begun our own ascension process.  It is neither easy or hard to do this.  It does, however, take a commitment to stand firm in the chaos and go with the flow.  Namaste

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