changescover28229“Forgiveness means personal freedom, freedom from that mental prison, freedom from anger, freedom from bitterness, freedom from the wilderness and victimhood mentality … Most of us become afraid to do our inner work, to look at our shadow selves and to deal with our challenges and issues that are keeping us held back in every aspect of our life from our relationships to our money and careers to our health …” — Shawntay Hockless

Sometimes I forget about that wonderful tool – forgiveness.  When I get caught up in the illusion of separation it always brings me to a dark place of shame and blame.  The only way to pull out of that is to remember the oneness I am connected to.  I have had so much anger come up recently when dealing with health issues and I have forgotten to tap into my magnificence.  I forgot that there is no “I” but only we.  I have been seeing myself as a totally separate entity and in that separation I have felt alone and frightened.  My ego keeps telling me that as much as people express their love and concern, I’m still the one dealing with this.  I have not broken down that barrier to allow this burden to be shared.  I have held on to it as if it were something only I could deal with.  Today, I am releasing that.  I am forgiving myself and moving forward into freedom.  As my beautiful friend and ‘soul-daughter’ Shawntay puts it so eloquently in the book “Changes” I have to look at my shadow self and deal with the challenges.  I have been so busy hiding from them that I have kind of lost who I am in the process.  I am love and light and that light needs to shine.  It has been kind of dim lately, covered over with a film of fear.  I know I am stronger than any challenge that is presented to me; now it is time to allow that knowledge to penetrate my heart and be lifted by it. I am committing from this moment on to DFTBA – Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!  Awesome does not worry but charges forward.  Awesome doesn’t blame others but accepts what is and deals with it.  Awesome faces the darkness and the light with the same amount of energy and with only one goal in mind – love.  I love you.  Those three little words can move mountains.  According to the Ascended Master Quan Yin, love is what heals.  We are our own healers, so the more love we can pour into ourselves, the faster the healing process.

To heal means to return to our natural state of being, which is love.  We did not enter this physical existence hating or fearful – we learned those things.  It is natural to love and once we lose all the limitations that hold us back – all the fear and insecurity – then we will heal ourselves.  So bring on the laughter, the joy, the excitement of each new moment.  Let the healing begin!  I love you!


To order the book Changes – Life Changes When You Do, go to Amazon here    https://www.amazon.com/Changes-Life-When-You-Do/dp/1537503049



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