It’s My Time

hqdefault (5)We can’t wait for everything to get right or be right before we start our lives.  How many times have you said “I’ll do it when…..” and in your mind you knew that “when” was not going to happen?  When is now.  We are only guaranteed the very second we are living at this moment.  That is why it is said that time is an illusion or that it doesn’t even exist.  We as humans have developed this thing called “time” as a measure but somehow it has developed into a version of reality.  We think about how much time we have to do things or what time something will happen or where we need to be at a certain time.  Not many people stop and look at their situation and live in the moment because they are too busy trying to figure out what they are supposed to be doing with their time.

I’m wearing a shirt today that says “It’s Miller Time.”  Yes, I know it refers to an alcoholic beverage, one that I don’t even drink, but when I look at those words I choose to give it a more significant meaning.  It’s my time and I can do whatever I want to with my 86,400 seconds in my day and I will do it one second at a time.  Father Alfred D’Souza said “For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin — real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way. Something to be got through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last in dawned on me that these obstacles were my life.”

We all have the exact same amount of ticks on the clock if you choose to look at time that way.  Use each tick wisely today.  I challenge you to just close your eyes and sit quietly, forget schedules and demands on your “time” and see what it is your soul wants you to know about your life.  It is just as important or more so than any business meeting you will attend.  In fact, it is the most important business meeting you will attend.  I love you! Namaste

I’m Still Standing

holy-spirit-best-bestI used to play a video game called Frogger where you had to maneuver around obstacles and not get killed trying to cross the road.  It was only a game but my heart would pound when there were near misses, or near-death experiences.  If I played it enough, I got used to the patterns and knew when to try to cross the road and when to stay put and when the alligator would pop up in the water after I crossed the road.  We get used to the patterns in our own lives as well.  We figure out not to over-do it in extreme heat of summer, not to stand out in the lightning storm, not to let our bodies get depleted of food and water.  What we cannot predict, though, are those moments when life throws us a curve ball.  Sometimes we are just plugging along like the little Frogger guy, weaving in and out of traffic with our heart pounding and we miscalculate one thing that will smash us.  That is what happened to me this week.  I moved one item in my house, the cat bed, to a different location.  Just as I was ready to relax and call it a night I went to turn off the computer and there was the bed where it was not normally at, causing me to trip and smash onto the tile floor.  I heard the crack on the back of my head, knew it was bad, felt the blood rushing out of my body from my head wound and no one was there to help me out.  I didn’t have my phone nearby so there was no way to call for help.  In Frogger, the little guy gets another life after he’s smashed until all his lives are used up.  I remember thinking “I am not going to die like this. This is not the end” and everything in me called out for help because there was no way I could get up on my own.  For me to come up to my feet off a floor requires a lot of pushing or pulling onto an object because my knees are not strong.  There was nothing around me, just flat floor.  The next thing I knew, I was standing on my feet.  I cannot explain it because there is no explanation other than divine intervention.  I knew the cut was bad, blood was going everywhere and I knew it had to be stopped so I walked to the bathroom and got a towel to stop the bleeding.  When I felt the back of my head, I knew it was split wide open, which they confirmed in the ER and placed 8 staples to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

When we are in the moment of a near-death experience we have choices.  I could have chosen to just give up, lay there and bleed out and let that be it.  Lights out.  Something inside me said no, not now.  I have so much left to do.  I choose to stay and it was in that moment that I was lifted up.  I made the decision and my angels did the rest.  It was the only way for me to continue on and it wasn’t the easiest way either.  Easy would have been to close my eyes and say good night.  After I got up and walked to the bathroom, I looked at myself in the mirror and said in my Lisa Nichols voice “I’m still here.  I’m still standing.”  I know by whose power I am here and I am grateful for whatever time I have left that I can spend that time in spreading love and light.  That is my mission and I will spend every moment fulfilling it.  All my Frogger lives are not used up yet.  I love you.  Namaste


carolina-skies-webI believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky.  Do you remember the first time you heard those words in that song?  It goes on to say, “If I can see it, then I can be it. If I just believe it, there’s nothing to it.”  I channeled a message yesterday from a friend who crossed over recently.  He described the freedom he felt away from the limitation of the human body as flying.  He said with enthusiasm, “I can fly!”  I could feel his elation and I actually felt it in my body.  He was giving me a little glimpse of what it was like to be in the spirit realm, no longer tethered by a physical body.  Just as I was in awe with tears at what I was feeling, he was amazed that he was able to communicate in this way with those he left behind.  His sweet gentle soul had the same feel as when he was on earth – loving and kind, accepting of everyone.  He wanted us all to feel that love from him and it came through in a tremendous way.  Fly high my sweet friend.  I’m sure we will hear from you again!

Believing we can do something is the seed to actually begin doing it.  I believed I could write a book and then when I held it in my hand for the first time, I remembered that first thought I had of creating it.  Thoughts become things.  It is how we are able to put one foot in front of the other – we believe we can.  We test it out, yep there’s one step and then oh look another.  Then before you know it we are walking, running, skipping, hopping.  It all starts with a belief and a desire.  Whatever it is that you are wanting to create, keep that thought foremost in your mind – If I just believe it, there’s nothing to it.  What will you create today?  I love you!  Namaste

Sail Away

sailboatimage“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.”  Elbert Hubbard wrote that over a hundred years ago among other really interesting musings including “the line between failure and success is so fine we scarcely know when we pass it.”  I woke up this morning with the remnants of a dream still going on and there was something about a ship coming in.  Many musicians have sung about things getting better when the ship comes in – all will be well and life will be grand, right?  In the meantime, we are standing on the shore thinking about how we have failed at so many things.  I actually added that as one of the things on my gratitude list today – all my failures, because I no longer look at them as failures.  They were lessons learned.  Many people wish for a do-over, a chance to go back and correct those things in life that they perceive as failures or mistakes.  They are what they are and they happened for a reason.  We can dwell on the fact that it was not something pleasant in our life or we can be grateful we survived it and choose to not repeat it.  If we continually fear we will make another mistake, have another failure then we will never pass that fine line of success because the fear will have consumed us.  Fear – some call it false evidence appearing real – is a low vibration state of mind.  It happens when doubt and insecurity creep into our mindset and ego jumps in to add all the scenarios that could go wrong.  Blinders are put on horses for a reason – to keep them focused.  Otherwise, they would see options and have to choose which way to go instead of the path ahead of them.  Too many options could lead to confusion and fear.

Look at your lessons learned from your past as blinders.  You don’t want to go down that rabbit hole again even if the ego is trying to pull you in that direction.  Staying focused allows you to see the fine line, even if you are standing on it and haven’t crossed it yet.  Your ship has been there the whole time, by the way.  What are you waiting for?  Go get it!  Smooth sailing my friends! I love you.  Namaste

Clouds and Other Views

sunandhandAs I sat outside in the beautiful weather looking at the clouds, I imagined that I was floating on one of them.  Of course I chose the biggest and softest one, one that looked friendly as I had a choice between the different shapes and colors.  While floating on my cloud I began to imagine what I looked like from that viewpoint.  I have some point of reference since I always choose a window seat when flying and I love to look down at the ground below.  Therefore, I know that from up there on top of that cloud I am only a speck if that.  It puts it all into perspective, doesn’t it?  We think that this human existence we are living is so huge, that these bodies we inhabit are so important.  We bathe them, pick just the right clothes to put on them, protect them from the environment as best we can, and do our best to take care of them, which we should.  But, in the grand scheme of things, our bodies are only a miniscule speck in the world.  What is huge is our spirit which resides inside the body.  It doesn’t mean we are to ignore the body or the environment, though.  Joseph LoBrutto III in the book Is There More To Life Than What We Know channeled a guide who said, “Humans must open their eyes!  They will take care of possessions they own, but when it is not theirs to own, they lose respect for it. … planet Earth is your home.  You must treat the whole planet as you would your home.”

The respect we show in taking care of our bodies and our environment is important for survival but how much respect are we showing for our spirit?  Do you look at that part of yourself like you sometimes do the environment – “oh, somebody else will take care of that.  Somebody else will pick up the litter from the ground.  Somebody else will make sure the water is clean and the food is pure and not full of poison when it gets to my table.”  When it comes to the spirit, there is no one else who will feed it, protect it, clean the litter from it!  That is something we each have to do for ourselves.  I choose to bathe mine in love daily, to cherish it, to protect it from the negative energy that is so prevalent in the world today and to always, always show respect and gratitude for the knowledge of who I really am.  I love you!  Namaste

Creating Our Own Reality

enthalpy-and-creation-672x372“When you understand the Law of Attraction, you are never surprised by what occurs in your experience, for you understand that — through your own thought process — you have invited every bit of it in. Nothing can occur in your life experience without your invitation of it through your thought.”  Abraham

When I read these words this morning, my soul wanted to jump up and down for joy.  Thank you Abraham for so much confirmation of what I say, feel, believe!  We are powerful.  We create with our thoughts!  Please re-read the quote.  Nothing can occur without us inviting it in by our thoughts!  So….that cold you have … that empty bank account … yep, you got it.  Thoughts make things.  What are you thinking?  If you want the good stuff, you have to think the good thoughts.  If you want to stay in the low vibration, then keep thinking of how sick you are, how broke you are….. and on and on it goes.  When I discovered the teachings of Abraham, I was in a low vibration and everything around me was falling apart.  Each night I would listen to a video and my soul was being fed these wonderful words that I so resonated with.  I started “testing” the concept.  Then I discovered the power of gratitude and it all came together.  By keeping my vibration high and always being grateful for even the little things in my life, I began to pivot away from the low vibration.  I started seeing things from a different perspective and finding that I was worthy of all those things I was envisioning having in my life.  Things like adventure, joy, happiness, peace, love and abundance.  It is a wonderful life if we choose for it to be and I choose that every day!  I am grateful for my mentors and teachers in this lifetime.  I love life.  I can honestly say those words now where I could not before discovering who I was.  I got rid of the mindset that something “out there” was controlling what was happening in my life.  Interestingly, for many years I would say “If it’s to be, it’s up to me” without realizing just how true that statement really is.  We are all powerful creators of our own reality.  What are you creating in your life?  I love you!  Namaste



What Are You All About?

Back of young pensive woman standing by the sea at sunsetHe came running up to the table where I had displayed my books and blurted out “I have 2 minutes left before I leave to go to the gym.  Tell me what you are all about.”  Wow!  I handed him an “I love you, pass it on” card and gave him my 2-minute spiel of what my life mission is – peace and happiness on earth.  He looked at my business card which states that I am a Happiness Coach and said, “Oh, you are like a coach for the mind?”  Well, yes, but more than that.  I believe that what I do in my coaching sessions deals with more than the mind.  I help those who are ready to look at their overall existence and see where they desire to make a change.  Marathon Man rushed away with a smile and rushed to the next table with the same question.

If you had to explain you and what you are all about without having time for a prepared canned response, could you share with someone in a way they would understand, especially if they were unfamiliar with some of the jargon we use like Happiness Coach and energy healer?  What would you say in a few words that is what you are “all about?”  The hashtags I use on social media sums it up pretty well for me –  #IChoosePeace, #PeaceBeginsWithMe, #Angelspeakers, #GratitudeIsLovitude and #GratitudeGirl.  I love you.  Namaste

Comet Moments

cometEverybody is blogging about and talking about the full moon and eclipse energy tonight – and then here I am watching and learning in awe about the comet that is streaking across our sky coming pretty close to our little planet Earth.  Maybe it’s because I see the full moon once a month so I know I can count on those to happen at regular intervals although I am always amazed by them.  But that little comet – wow! This green ball of energy moving across the sky seems out of place, like it is drawing us to it with its uniqueness.  We have many colors in the sky with the different planets but to watch this green ball move about and command our attention as it has just makes me wonder about so much in life as well as in the universe.  We all have things we can count on, things that we know will continue to be the same like the mortgage or rent payment at a certain time of the month, things like work schedules, trips to the grocery store, maybe a hobby that happens at the same time every week or month.  Maybe some of these things are pleasant and we look forward to them, as I do to the full moon, yet they don’t leave us with that awestruck feeling of when something unique and different happens in our lives.  Those “comet moments” that happen stand out because there is something different, something unique about them.  Our attention is riveted to them as if it is hard to look away.  These are the things that we look back on years later in life and still feel that same feeling of awe.  When is the last time you had a comet moment?  Do you have things on a list that you would like to do, see, experience that will bring you joy and perhaps one or more of these kind of moments?  What are you waiting for?  Go after your dreams.  Go streak across your universe in a different color, a different pattern.  Be uniquely you.  I love you! Namaste

Cleaning the Inside Closet

simpleA well-nourished soul leads to a well-nourished life as it changes from the inside to the outside.  We all understand what nourishing the body is all about because we are taught that by our parents or caretakers.  What about nourishing the soul?  Who “teaches” us that or do we come into this life with an innate knowing that it is something we need?  We know we need to eat because our bodies give us signs, either hunger pains, feeling weak, or other physical symptoms.  What happens when the soul needs nourishment?  For me, it is a feeling of being uncomfortable or sometimes irritable.  Things seem out of place and not going as smoothly as normal.

I have done a lot of clearing out of old emotional baggage and let go of everything from the past that was causing me to have a low vibration.  Trust me, that was not easy.  There were things I felt I deserved to hold there.  I thought I needed to hold onto some of the anger but what I found out was that in letting it go, it freed me.  That space where anger resided now was filled with love and it felt so much better inside me than the anger ever did.  In cleaning out my “inside closet” of all that unneeded baggage, I found room for laughter and joy, excitement, adventure and peace.  Yes, they all moved in!  What a great time we have together every day!!

However, had I not felt that need for soul nourishment, for a deeper connection with who I really am as spirit I can see how I would still be living in that same merry-go-round of misery.  Nobody told me I needed to clean my inside house.  There was no one that said, “Teri I think you need to straighten up some of that junk that’s laying around all over the place.”  I was like an emotional hoarder!  I kept packing away anger, fear, depression, resentment, self-loathing.  Ooh, and there’s some hatred, come on in!  I was blaming the way I felt on anything and everything outside of me.  “They” made me feel this way or “he” did that so I am justified in how I feel toward him.  It kept piling up there in my inside closet.  Sometimes I just shut the door because I didn’t want to look at all that garbage so I would shut down for a while emotionally.  Then, one day I said “I don’t want to live like this any longer.  There has to be a better way of living, of feeling inside.”  Nobody outside of me told me what to do or what was needed.  Sure, friends and family were concerned about me but none of them told me how to change anything.  That came from inside me.  There was a little voice that kept whispering for me to listen and I finally did.  It is my belief that we all have that little voice in each of us.  It is called spirit as that is what we all are.  We just have the illusion that we are humans because that is what we chose to become in this lifetime.  Our real selves, our spirit, resides inside this human body.  Once we are quiet enough to hear what our spirit wants to tell us, then things change for us.  Of course, we can ignore it or smother it out with our ego talk because we do have free will and unfortunately many people do this.  I am so grateful that I finally listened and ignored the ego talk long enough to get the message of love.

How is your inside closet?  There is not a maid you can hire to clean it out.  Nope, it has to be you that digs in with some soap and water and lots of garbage bags.  Evict those low vibrations and replace them with peace and love.  You will be happy you did.  Nourishing the soul is the best gift you can ever give yourself.  I love you!  Namaste

Kitty Wisdom

GE DIGITAL CAMERAWisdom comes in many forms.  Sometimes it is the innocent soft-spoken word that is our lesson we need at the moment.  It does not always have to be the harshest struggle or a broken heart.  In those gentle moments, it is like a whisper that says to us “breathe, everything is okay.  It is divine.  Know that you are loved and cared for always.”  That is what happened to me tonight.  My soul needed refreshed, nurtured.  In the midst of a very hectic day, I forgot to do the most important thing.  I forgot to stop and breathe.  It wasn’t until I found myself unable to answer one more question that it finally hit me.  I was no longer giving because there was an empty cup where they should have been a flowing well.  I had given and given and felt like the polar bear on an iceberg in the middle of the Antarctic.  As I looked around, things looked precarious at best.  I could jump off the iceberg but that would probably not be a wise idea given that I’m not a strong swimmer and the water would be extremely cold.  So I opted for plan B – you know the one I should have done before getting on the iceberg!  Life can’t be lived with shoulda’s though and this I know very well.  I forged through one last question on one more email and then I did the smartest thing I had done all day.  I turned on some soothing music and shut off the computer monitor.  I dragged my tired body to a comfortable place and let the music soothe me.  As I sat there in that relaxed state, suddenly things started coming to mind that were left undone.  Since they were not life-and-death issues, my brain made a mental note to deal with them later and I could feel my body sigh with relief.  I sat there in silence for an hour.  I didn’t move.  I focused on my breath and the fact that I was just taking time for me and it felt really good.  Anytime my brain and ego tried to kick in to tell me something, I went right back to my breath and focused on only that.  After an hour, I was ready to start listening.  I had let all the tension go from my body and mind, so there was no barrier to hearing the wonderful words from my guides.  First I expressed appreciation and let them know how much that time had meant to me and how precious it was.  Then I asked what they wanted to teach me, show me, discuss with me.  It was a beautiful exchange and a productive one.  You see, when we are as drained as I was it limits us in all aspects, but especially in communication.

As I sat there letting my mind be open to whatever came my way, I felt movement and opened my eyes to see that I had company.  My sweet little Tazzie knew that now I was in a calm place and she crawled into my lap for some kitty love.  Her soft purr told me that everything was going to be okay, that it was divine and that I was so loved.  It was the best message I could possibly have received.  I love you!  Namaste