Guardian imageThere is an energy moving through you, around you, traveling ever outward and upward as if being drawn by a magnet.  Indeed, you feel the pull.  You sometimes want it to slow down as the feeling it brings is so intense.  What is this, you ask.  I am not ready, you say.  Your heart is pounding, your ears are ringing, and still the energy swirls around you and will not be denied.  You are on a path that is familiar and unfamiliar all at once.  A part of you is remembering who you are, why you came here in this lifetime, and where you are returning to.  While this can be disconcerting if you let it, it is also what you chose, what you agreed to before you even came here.  Your path is no ordinary path.  There are twists and turns that reveal truth, that signal universal change.  You feel this change in you and you empathize with those who are experiencing it with you.  You are a Guardian.  Your way has not been an easy one this lifetime out of necessity; it helps you understand and strengthens you for what lies ahead.  You have overcome your dependence on your physical senses and now are able to use your elevated state to observe, to hear, to feel, to know the truth.  It is time to learn what love really is, Beloveds, and to understand it within both your heart space and your mind.  Love is the very essence of life that gives birth to consciousness.  The vibrational frequency of love will actually form an aura extending from the body, bathing you in a soft white light.  As we begin to understand the message of love we will find ourselves attracting to us other individuals that form a collective whole, all vibrating on the same frequency.  The collective consciousness of humanity can only be changed by love, the ultimate cause which gives rise to all other vibrations. Raising the level of consciousness of humanity is the ultimate plan for peace and must be done through a new understanding of love.  You are a Guardian.  Let this message of love sit in your heart space and travel upward to the chakras above the heart.  Absorb it and as you do, you will find that layers of old thought patterns will be peeled away as this new revelation opens your remembrance of who you are and you will find your why.

Channeled message 10/16/17

Sail Away

sailboatimage“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.”  Elbert Hubbard wrote that over a hundred years ago among other really interesting musings including “the line between failure and success is so fine we scarcely know when we pass it.”  I woke up this morning with the remnants of a dream still going on and there was something about a ship coming in.  Many musicians have sung about things getting better when the ship comes in – all will be well and life will be grand, right?  In the meantime, we are standing on the shore thinking about how we have failed at so many things.  I actually added that as one of the things on my gratitude list today – all my failures, because I no longer look at them as failures.  They were lessons learned.  Many people wish for a do-over, a chance to go back and correct those things in life that they perceive as failures or mistakes.  They are what they are and they happened for a reason.  We can dwell on the fact that it was not something pleasant in our life or we can be grateful we survived it and choose to not repeat it.  If we continually fear we will make another mistake, have another failure then we will never pass that fine line of success because the fear will have consumed us.  Fear – some call it false evidence appearing real – is a low vibration state of mind.  It happens when doubt and insecurity creep into our mindset and ego jumps in to add all the scenarios that could go wrong.  Blinders are put on horses for a reason – to keep them focused.  Otherwise, they would see options and have to choose which way to go instead of the path ahead of them.  Too many options could lead to confusion and fear.

Look at your lessons learned from your past as blinders.  You don’t want to go down that rabbit hole again even if the ego is trying to pull you in that direction.  Staying focused allows you to see the fine line, even if you are standing on it and haven’t crossed it yet.  Your ship has been there the whole time, by the way.  What are you waiting for?  Go get it!  Smooth sailing my friends! I love you.  Namaste

Water Water Everywhere — Or Not??

water-conservation1I have the world on top of my desk.  It’s not very big, just a tiny blue ball with spatters of color representing the different countries, but it is mostly blue showing just how vastly our planet is made of water.  Interestingly as well is the fact that these human bodies need both air and water to survive.  Every day I thank God for the privilege of having fresh water to put in my body and for the air that I breathe.  It is so easy to forget that this is not the case in many places on this water-filled planet called Earth.  Those who live in places where water comes out of a spigot or is readily available packaged in bottles that can be bought at the grocery store rarely think of that as a privilege.  It is just what it is and is taken for granted that it will always be there.  Therein lies the problem – assuming.  In Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements, the third agreement is Don’t Make Assumptions.  He says, “It is always better to ask questions than to make assumptions.  Have the courage to ask questions until you are as clear as you can be.”  I wish I had asked more questions of my mother when she would tell me not to leave the water running while I did dishes or brushed my teeth.  She was a wise woman who came from Native American heritage and knew the importance of preserving the natural resources of our Earth.

Making ourselves aware of the problems in our world is as important as taking your next breath because it has to do with the survival of all of humanity.  The more we are aware of a situation, the more we can then ask ourselves “can I help in any way?”  Maybe that help is just in conserving energy by turning off lights when not needed or turning off the water spigot.  One person doing this might not make a difference but the more of us that become aware of issues and work together to lighten the burden can and will make a difference.  Love yourself enough to care about your world you live in.  This blue ball on top of my desk is important to me.  It is a constant reminder that I can make a difference and to not assume that the things we need to survive on this planet will always be there for us if we don’t start paying attention to how to conserve them.  I love you!  Namaste

New Beginnings – I Still Choose Peace

new-moonThere are those who don’t want world peace, Teri.  That realization hit home today.  There are actually people who are scared of losing their perceived place as being superior to others and they think that world peace will somehow knock them down a notch to where we are all on equal footing.  After all, wars are fought over land, over principles, and over beliefs.  What would it look like in your mind to have world peace?  Does it elicit a feeling of fear or is it something that you would rejoice in?  In my mind, it would be a world where we stopped looking at each other as separate and different.  We are all the same.  We came here on equal footing, after all.  Not one of us was born with more clothes on or with more gold in our hands.  We all started out with the knowledge that we were spirit and we came from a place where there was only love.  Everything in me says we can get back to that feeling, back to that mode of accepting each other as equal.  It doesn’t matter if you are a king or queen, you are no different or better than I am as a person.

The new moon today signifies new beginnings.  It is also the Chinese New Year.  On this day, I renew my intention to make strides toward world peace every day.  It takes more than praying and hoping.  It takes finding a village of people who will work together weaving the fabric of all of us who are willing beings of love and light.  There are those who will sacrifice a few hours of their time to help with the cause and there are those who will dedicate their lives to it.  There are some who even gave their lives such as Martin Luther King.  There are musicians who choose to sing only songs of peace and unity.  There is so much each of us can do in our daily lives.  World peace will happen when we have inner peace inside each of us.  Peace and hatred cannot cohabitate, however.  We each must decide how we want our world to look – full of hatred, fear and anger or full of love, joy and peace.  I choose peace.  I love you.  Namaste

A Tree Is A Tree – Or Is It?

treeisatreeMy eyes followed every movement as the baby albatross ran, took a leap of faith, flapped his wings and then fell back to the ground.  It was such a struggle at first and, as I watched him, I realized that sometimes something that should be so natural, so easy is not as expected.  Any of the winged creatures must adapt to what they are or are not able to do with these attachments to their bodies.  Innately, they know that they are meant to fly and not stay on the ground or in the nest.  They somehow know that if they cannot move their bodies, then they are left in a more vulnerable state for predators.  It is that survival instinct that drives them to figure out how to use their wings to move around.  The baby albatross has the most challenge of all baby birds, with a wingspan that grows to over 11 feet!  The ones I watched were in Hawaii and I was able to observe them via webcam.  Their daily antics were so amusing and their personalities astounding.  Every day I watched them grow stronger, run a little faster, flap a little harder and seem to strut with pride at their accomplishments.  An albatross can live to be 60 years old and they are one of the few birds that mate for life.  The more I learn about them, the more interesting they become.

This made me wonder in a fun kind of way if it is ever the reverse.  Do birds and other animals look at us humans, observing our rituals and movements?  Do our domesticated pets watch a baby learning to use its legs like I watched the albatross trying to adapt to its wings and think, nope not going to make it today – maybe tomorrow though.  Do the birds on the beach watch us as we sunbathe and wonder why we would put our bodies through that – wonder what the purpose is?

Observation and curiosity are our means to figuring out all our individual nuances, whether human, animal or otherworldly.  Where has your curiosity taken you lately?  How are you expanding your mind?  Do you just accept what you are told about how things are?  Just because somebody tells you a tree is a tree, does that make it a tree?  Does the object called a tree look the same to you as it does to another or do you see something entirely different?  It’s all perspective.  Whether you are the albatross learning to use its wings or the baby learning to crawl and walk, the process is the same.  It is what you do with that knowledge then that matters.  Just because the bird can fly doesn’t mean it will fly and the same is true of the baby learning to walk.  We all have choices.  We were given brains but it does not mean we will use them.  What are you choosing to do with yours?  Are you thinking for yourself and making your own decisions or letting others influence you or even tell you what to do or believe?  Observe, be curious and then decide if you will fly, walk or just sit still but whichever you do, do it with love.  “He prayeth well, who loveth well – both man and bird and beast.”  I love you.  Namaste

Inside Out

laugh-1988562_1280I did not get up laughing this morning.  I did get up still shaking my head over some bizarre dreams I had but then my Happy song came on my alarm so I smiled, gave gratitude that I was alive and the dreams faded to the background.  However, for some reason my spirit guides and angels wanted me to laugh.  I did my normal stuff like feed the cats before they ate my leg, made coffee, said my affirmations and brushed my teeth.  After my shower I went to get dressed and that’s when the fun started.  I chose an old tee shirt to wear because it’s comfortable and soft.  I put it on and walked out to get my coffee.  On the way to my desk, I noticed it was inside out – the shirt, not the coffee.  Okay, I chuckled, so I guess this means my inside wants to be on the outside today.  I’ll accept that and I quickly turned it the right way.  As I go back into the bathroom I notice the shirt doesn’t feel right.  I look in the bathroom mirror – the one that tells me how amazing, loved and awesome I am – and I see that the shirt is now on backwards.  I stood there looking at myself in the mirror and laughed until there were tears, you know that kind of laughter.  I told myself how imperfectly perfect I was.  I also acknowledged how this human stuff is just so ridiculous sometimes.  In spirit there is no inside out or backwards.  We don’t have to know what the front or back is or where it goes.  Everything just flows as energy and aligns perfectly.

I needed the laughter.  I needed the lesson and the blessing.  For so many years I lived a life where the little things like having my shirt on inside out and having to re-do putting it on would have been such a nuisance that it would have elicited some not so pleasant words and would have been looked at as just another failure.  My ability to laugh at myself now over the small stuff is evidence to me that the change that has happened inside of me is permanent and wonderful.  I am so grateful for the knowledge that no matter what the situation is, it’s all small stuff and I can go with the flow of happiness and joy in whatever comes my way.  I wish for you all a blessed day filled with happiness that overflows like my tears of joy from my belly laugh.  I love you!  Namaste

Thunder and Lightning

thunder-lightningThat was an amazing storm that came through last night, or I should say early this morning!  I actually was writing my blog post around 3 a.m. because I knew I had a commitment all day and the words were flowing.  I thought I heard rain, so as I looked out the window I saw the most beautiful sky which was totally lit up with lightning.  I had no clue it was lightning outside but it was … huge sparks of lightning to where it looked like it was daylight out.  This is the second time in the last couple of months that I have been led to look outside and see the sky lit up with lightning – but no thunder!!  “Who stole the thunder” is what I said!  I always thought that where there was lightning there was thunder unless it was heat lightning.  This was light-up-the-sky, big blasts of lightning.  And then the power went out.

I don’t remember exactly what the message was that I had started writing and it got zapped from my computer but I know I talked about the lightning.  It just reminded me that sometimes we don’t need to be loud and boisterous to get our point across.  Sometimes we can be even more effective without all that hullabaloo.  As I sat in the darkness and watched this most amazing dance that was happening up in the sky, it also reminded me that we can dance to our own tune.  The lightning didn’t need the thunder to twirl and twist around, to keep its perfect rhythm.  It’s the same for us.  No matter where we are in life, the music is inside of us – not on the outside.  Dance to your own tune, your own rhythm and don’t wait around for the music to catch up.  You are beautiful just as you are and your purpose can and will happen even if what is expected to show up, i.e. the thunder, is delayed or a no-show.  Keep shining! I love you…Namaste

Gratitude Is Lovitude

beautiful-heart-sun-love-imageMy friend Debbie Garcia says “Gratitude is lovitude!”  I couldn’t agree more!  I just registered that as an official hashtag so let’s all start using it #gratitudeislovitude.

I rewrote the lyrics to the Frank Sinatra song to say:

Love and gratitude, love and gratitude,

Go together for a beautiful attitude.

This I tell ya, brother, you can’t have one without the other.

Love and gratitude, love and gratitude,

It’s a little thing called a lovitude.

Shout it out to others, I love you my sisters and my brothers!

Who are you showing lovitude to today?  Who needs to hear an encouraging word or a smile or a hug?  Bonding together over gratitude and love is how we will bring about world peace.  Love is the purest emotion there is.  Start with yourself first.  Show yourself a little lovitude.  State what you love about yourself and what you are grateful for.  Experience that feeling inside as you tell yourself “I appreciate you.”  Now share that message out with others.  Tell at least one person every day that they are appreciated, that you are grateful for them being in your life.  Now feel how that makes you feel inside to do that.  I encourage you to try this for 21 days and see what a difference it makes in your life.

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